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Treatment seeking for any mental health problems was assessed differently in adolescents and young adults.

All adolescent participants were asked if they had received care for “emotional or behavioral problems that were not caused by alcohol or drugs.” Similarly, all adult participants were asked if they had received treatment or counseling for “problems with emotions, nerves or mental health,” excluding treatment of alcohol or drug use.

Examining temporal trends in prevalence of depression among young people has implications for evaluating whether they have benefited from increasing use of mental health treatments.

Characterization of national trends in depressive disorders and their treatment could also inform community efforts to improve access to mental health services for young people.

This study provides data on recent trends in major depressive episodes in adolescents and young adults overall and in sociodemographic subgroups, as well as trends in depression treatment seeking and types of treatment.Studies of trends in depression from other industrialized countries have produced mixed results.However, this study did not assess trends in specific disorders and was based on parent reports.Participants were next asked if they were currently receiving treatment or counseling.In addition, participants were asked if during the past 12 months they had taken medication that was prescribed for their depression and whether they were taking such medication at the time of interview.

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The annual mean weighted response rate of the 2005 to 2014 NSDUH was 65.2%Treatments for depression were assessed by asking whether during the past 12 months participants had seen or talked to a medical doctor or other professional about their depressive symptoms.